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Read how small teams save time and increase quality with Sauce Labs.

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Technology, Software and Internet Startups

When your site (or app) is your business, quality is paramount. Sauce Labs is the automated testing vendor of choice for today’s Internet “cool kids.”


The Internet can level the playing field for small to medium-sized retailers. But when it comes to online shopping, your competitors are just a click away. Don’t lose business to bugs. Make sure your site and apps work on every browser and OS combination with Sauce Labs.


Online publishers and media companies understand that content is king. To keep your subscribers coming back for more, it must work on the browser, OS and device of their choice. Make sure it does. Test with Sauce Labs.


If you have an e-commerce site, cross-browser testing is a must. But often business owners try to do everything on their own—I know I did. Hunting down mobile devices, wasting hours testing Chrome, Safari, and every other browser. If you’re thinking there’s got to be a better way, you’re right.

Cami Bergson, Owner Cosplay Managed

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In a startup environment, often everyone reinvents the wheel with their favorite tool, and then you have to support multiple tool chains. We found no backlash when it came to Sauce, however. Every developer and QA person said, ‘this is amazing.’ Within a week everyone was using Sauce. I turned off our Selenium grid and deleted the VM that it was running on. After moving more tests to Sauce, the team was able to reduce testing time from 30 days to 3 days, a time savings of over 99%.

Previously I used my own virtual environment – had to create and manage it on my own, now I don’t have to worry, infrastructure, setup, anything, Sauce Labs does it all for me.

Before using Sauce Labs, I would have to setup a Selenium Grid cluster and install all versions of mobile simulators/emulators in order to test apps on different platforms. With the help of Sauce Labs, all I need to do is to configure the settings in my codes and let the tests run on the cloud. It saves me a lot of time and effort.

Running WebDriver scripts in-house for a single, or few browser combinations is easy but once we started to scale up both in terms of browsers and parallel execution, maintaining the grid became a pain so we offloaded it to Sauce. Now we have more combinations than we had before and don't have to worry about scaling our script execution ourselves.

I find the API to integrate with my script runner invaluable. I can annotate jobs and get results to display in my CI server. For more complicated scripts, the secure tunnel is extremely useful when automating a 'private' application.

Their customer service is unmatched, and their help documents have all been recently updated.

In terms of value, we increased our release cycle to twice a week as opposed to once every two weeks – so its doubling productivity.

As a newbie to automation testing and having experience in using a wide range of on-demand tools, my main aspect of Sauce Labs involves using the 'Manual Testing' option, which is brilliant. You simply selected the URL and choose the browser and environment, and within minutes you'll simply have a virtual environment to play with, and it is really that simple.

Sauce has all of the wanted features, from just about any major OS, any major browser, and different resolutions. I can't imagine how complicated it is to support such a vast array but they seem to have done it.

To begin with, I had to find a way to communicate between a MAC and Windows machine in order to run tests specific to IE. Tons of stack overflows and, finally, I found Sauce Labs. Simple + straight forward + easy to use + preloaded + runs PERFECTLY + great dashboard.

Now I get results 100 times faster with a wider range of platforms and different browser versions used.

Sauce Labs support has been very helpful, and they are always friendly, even when it's not always a direct problem with their service or our usage of it.

Right now anyone (dev, product, tester) can kick off the automation suite from Bamboo and get logged results. Developers know if their check-in broke anything and can alert QA to look into the issue. Sauce Labs is a great way for anyone to run tests and not have it interfere with their work.