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Why build and test
with Sauce?

Why Choose Sauce Labs?

As the experts in continuous testing, we are true to the open source Selenium and Appium frameworks so you are always testing with the latest capabilities. We offer the latest browser / OS / device combinations (even beta versions) so you can ensure your websites and apps work flawlessly for all your customers.


Comprehensive Testing Coverage

One source for all your testing needs - Web, mobile emulators and simulators, and real devices - all from one company. Run the same or similar tests across all the platforms you need from one company.

OS / Browser Combos

Cross Browser Testing

Over 800 operating system and browser combinations (including Beta and Dev versions) instantly available in the Cloud. We deploy Beta and new browser versions rapidly upon release, so you can test on the latest available.

Emulators and Simulators

Emulators & Simulators

Test on emulators and simulators to verify app functionality quickly. These satisfy ~95% of app testing needs and are more cost effective than real devices.

Real Devices

Real Devices

We offer both a public cloud for testing edge cases on a wide variety of devices. And, a private cloud for the highest security for testing on devices dedicated to only your team.

Reused VM

New VM for Every Virtual Test

We spin up a new "single-use" virtual machine for every test which increases security and reduces test flake. No residual data or temp files from previous tests - ever.


Comprehensive INTEGRATIONS

Setup, manage and view test results all from within your CI server - complete support for Jenkins, MSFT VSTS, Bamboo, Circle CI, Travis CI and BitBucket - and easily create tickets to JIRA and share results between teams via Slack and HipChat.

Near Real Time Results

Reporting and Analytics

View test results and get actionable information on how to address test failures and quickly resolve them. Option to export test results and usage to your own custom or third-party dashboards.



Sauce Labs owned Data Centers in the US and Europe allow our customers to stay compliant with data privacy regulations.

Benefits of Sauce Labs

With Sauce Labs you have access to the following features.

Enterprise Ready

Sauce is here to help you be successful with customer success managers, 24x7 support, professional services and a comprehensive training program.


We follow strict security practices and have a team of security experts who will work with you to meet your needs. And, we use only single-use VMs so your data is never left behind for someone else to see and their data won't interfere with your tests.


Sauce has free self-paced video training for Selenium and Appium that is open to anyone. In addition, our customers can purchase instructor-led online or onsite training for Selenium and Appium with hands-on lab environments.

Open Source-Based

We co-developed Selenium and are major contributors to Appium with support for the latest versions so you can easily make the switch from running tests on your in-house grid to Sauce.

Customer Success Managers

Help you make the most of Sauce by giving new users overviews, pointing them to resources and integrating with an existing CI server

Continuous Testing Experts

Sauce Labs was the first to develop a cloud-based continuous testing platform and leads the industry, with more than 2 billion tests run to date. Our founders co-created Selenium and we continue to drive innovation in the automated testing community by actively contributing to both Selenium and Appium projects.

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