Mobile Test Automation with XCUITest and the Real Device Cloud

Having the right test automation framework for functional testing is just as important as having the right mix of supported iOS devices. XCUITest is the framework of choice for many Xcode developers because it is maintained by Apple. In addition to this, mobile development teams must ensure that continuous testing is key to their overall strategy when supporting current and new versions of iOS, new devices such as the iPhone X, or testing older devices like the iPhone 5s.

Join Asaf Saar, Sauce Labs Mobile Product Management Director, and Clint Sprauve, Mobile Product Marketing Director and learn:

  • The key advantages of the XCUITest testing framework
  • The difference between XCUITest and other test frameworks such as Appium and Espresso
  • The benefit of parallel execution for test automation speed and scale

Additionally, see a live demo of XCUITest used on real iOS devices on the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud.

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