Live App Testing

Live App Testing

Manual and exploratory testing with thousands of Android and iOS devices on the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud.

Real Device Coverage

Test across a wide selection of iOS and Android devices on our public cloud. Or test across a variety of devices dedicated to you on a private cloud. Automate your tests by integrating with your CI server or step through your tests manually to troubleshoot bugs on hundreds of devices with lightning fast response times.

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Track and Reproduce Defects

Connect to your favorite defect tracking tool via our REST API. Playback a video of your entire mobile test and capture screen shots, allowing faster and shorter feedback loops.

Adjust Sensors and Device Settings

Trigger the sensors to see how your app reacts when the device is rotated or the GPS location changes. Control the regular device settings and switch the system language for localization testing.

Securely test with our Public or Private Cloud

Sauce Labs offers a public and private Real Device Cloud for customers looking to expedite testing for their mobile apps without compromising quality. Sauce Connect for RDC provides a secure proxy connection to ensure the security, privacy and control of your mobile application under test.