Continuous Testing

“By 2020, DevOps initiatives will cause 50% of enterprises to implement continuous testing using frameworks and open-source tools.”

Gartner Summits 2017 
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What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous Testing is a best practice approach for automated testing that allows you deliver quality software faster without compromising quality. By allowing you to test your apps at high speed and throughout the software lifecycle, Continuous Testing can help you avoid bottlenecks in your development process, all while keeping your users happy with flawless digital experiences. Teams who adopt Continuous Testing practices often see the following results:

  • Accelerated release cycles
  • Less bugs reported in production, leading to loyal users
  • Significant savings in both time and money

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Why Continuous Testing?

Continuous Testing is a critical requirement for organizations that want to drive business growth with their digital experiences. As customers increasingly expect to engage online, and over 50% of them driving traffic from mobile devices, it is vital that your apps have the coverage and high quality to delight your users. Skipping this step can result in bad reviews, abandonment by your users, and most importantly lost revenue.

  • An app with a rating of 4.5 stars in an app store will be downloaded 3.7x more than an app with 3.5 stars (Comscore)
  • 59% of 25-34-year-olds share poor customer experiences online, leaving a lasting impression on your business
  • 56% of surveyed CEOs said that their investments in digital have improved net profit (Gartner)

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Who should care about Continuous Testing?

No matter your role in the software development life cycle, Continuous Testing is a requirement for organizations looking to achieve Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery. By breaking down traditional siloes, Continuous Testing transforms the way teams develop and deliver applications across the entire organization.

  • Business Leaders - Continuous Testing is your opportunity to add significant value to the business with a faster time to releases without compromising quality.
  • QA Managers - Enable your teams to test more broadly without slowing down the development process.
  • Developers - With Continuous Testing, you will deliver quality code more quickly without the fear of breaking the build if a new feature doesn’t work.
  • Testers - Continuous Testing meets your need for speed. Deliver releases faster and more reliably than ever.

If you’re planning to modernize your testing practices, but don’t know where to start, take a look at the Core Elements that we put together to help your team frame its move to Continuous Testing.


Six Core Elements of Continuous Testing

With over 10 years of experience in testing, the team at Sauce Labs has identified some of the common practices we see in teams who successfully make the move to continuous testing:

Checklist for quality

Cultural Commitment to Quality
Continuous Testing succeeds, when everyone owns quality.

Want to start making the move to automation? Check out some of our Continuous Testing posts for anecdotal advice on how to not only get started yourself, but get buy in across your organization.


Test at every stage

Test at Every Stage of the Development Cycle
Testing early and often enables you to catch bugs sooner when it’s much less expensive.

For more information on the mechanics and process changes of moving to Continuous Testing, access the white paper below.


Proven framework

Use Best-in-Breed Tools for Automation
Leverage intelligent, proven frameworks to write automated test scripts as part of your development process.

If you’re considering an automated testing initiative, you’ll want to understand the most common questions and answers.


Comprehensive coverage

Use a Test Execution Platform that Provides You with Comprehensive Coverage
The broader your platform, the better your customer experience.

 Learn how Sauce Labs can help accelerate your delivery cycles.



Scale Up and Down Your Infrastructure as You Need
Scalability is critical as your team grows, and responds to seasonal peaks (e.g. Black Friday).

Understand the benefits of parallel testing as a means to accelerate your testing.



Have Visibility into Your Test Efficiency
Analytics are critical to understanding how your tests are performing and quickly identifying bottlenecks.

Learn more about the metrics your team should consider.