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Okta Increases Developer Productivity by 80% Using Sauce’s Testing Cloud
Posted by Bill McGee in News & Product UpdatesSelenium Resources

We love sharing stories about how our users use Sauce to make their automated testing awesome. We're really excited to be sharing Okta's story in our newest case study. Okta, a leader in the $6 billion enterprise identity management market, provides service to 300,000 people in 200 enterprises through a cloud-based system that needed to be tested on a large number of browser platforms and mobile [...]

Join Us for a Ruby Hackathon
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsRubySelenium Resources

More events? You bet! It's spring, and we're in the mood to party, so we're throwing our first Ruby hackathon! Stop by our office next Thursday, May 9th, starting at 3PM, to eat, drink, and hack with us. Come get started with running your existing Selenium integration tests on Sauce using the Sauce Gem, enhance the gem, or just hang out with the Saucers and Ruby community. Cross-browser [...]

SeConf is Coming!
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsSelenium Resources

Are you stoked? Selenium Conference 2013 is coming! With only a week until the conference, we're getting excited for one of our favorite events. Selenium is in our DNA, so it's always great to convene with fellow Selenium lovers in person, and we're proud to be a sponsor. This year the conference will be held in Boston, at the Marriott Renaissance, 6/10-12. With speakers from companies like [...]

Swing by the San Francisco Python Meetup Next Week!
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsSelenium Resources

If you're in San Francisco next week, Saucer Santi will be giving a featured talk on Selenium and best practices for writing automated functional tests for your Python Web Apps on Thursday, 5/8 at 6:15PM. The meetup will be hosted at the Yelp SF office, 706 Mission St. Yelp is also generously sponsoring pizza and beer. :) Drop by to say hi, hear some awesome talks, and connect with [...]

Re-introducing the Sauce Launcher Plugin for Google Chrome
Posted by Bill McGee in News & Product UpdatesSauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

For all of you who run manual test sessions with Sauce Labs, we've got some great news. We recently released our updated Sauce Launcher plugin for Google Chrome, with lots of improvements to help you run manual jobs more easily. Sauce Launcher makes launching a manual test as easy as clicking a button, and we think the update makes it even better. We updated the plugin's look, feel, and layout [...]

Announcing Support for Lynx in the Sauce Labs Cloud
Posted by Steven Hazel in News & Product UpdatesSauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

Today we are extremely excited to announce the initial release of an important browser platform on Sauce: the classic — but innovative — text-based browser Lynx. While Lynx is not as popular as more modern, graphical browsers like Internet Explorer 6, it has a devoted following and a compelling feature set, and we feel it's important that Sauce customers be able to test their web [...]

Break Things Faster with Ruby Parallelization
Posted by Dylan in Selenium ResourcesSoftware Development & Testing

You're probably wasting two things when you're testing. Your time... because the other thing is your extra CPUs. Any time you're waiting on a relatively slow resource, your CPU is just sitting there, twiddling its silicon thumbs. If you're only using one CPU core at a time, the other cores are doing much the same. Unfortunately for web developers who do things involving CRUD operations, slow [...]

Announcing Selenium 2.30.0 as the New Default Version for Sauce Automated Tests
Posted by Santiago Suarez Ordoñez in Sauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

After a considerable period of investigation and bug fixing in collaboration with the Selenium project and the Legion of the Bouncy Castle, we are happy to announce we're moving to Selenium 2.30.0 as the default version in our service. You can find more details about this release in the official changelog. This transition is scheduled for Friday, March 1st. In the meantime, we advise you to try [...]

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