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Remote file uploads with Selenium & PHP
Posted by Isaac Murchie in Selenium ResourcesSoftware Development & TestingUncategorized

When testing file uploading functionality we have to consider two scenarios... running browsers locally and running them remotely. Locally there is no problem: test browsers have access to the files the tests specify. When running the same tests remotely, with the browser running on a different machine than the test programs, we run into a significant problem: the files we specify to upload are [...]

OS X Mavericks Now Available on Sauce Labs

Today we're excited to announce Sauce support for OS X Mavericks! Mavericks on Sauce supports both manual and automated testing of Safari 7 and Chrome on 10.9, as well as various versions of Firefox. We've also added support for iOS 7 web app testing to go along with our native app testing with Appium. To get started, visit our Platforms page and select either iOS 7 or Mavericks. Then copy the [...]

Remote file uploads with Selenium & Capybara
Posted by Dylan in RubySelenium Resources

(This post is a little code journey. If you just want to know how to enable remote uploads in Capybara, skip to the end) Usually a file upload is for a file on the same computer as the browser you're uploading with: User on System 1: Upload C:/files/selfie.jpg to Facebook Browser on System 1: Opening C:/files/selfie.jpg, Uploading.... Done! Nice haircut! When you're using a remote browser (say, [...]

Robot Hackathon Tonight! Build Your Own Mobile Testing Robot and Other November Happenings

Now that you’ve gained an hour of sleep how are you going to get the most out of that new-found time? We can think of several slick events happening this month and there’s still plenty of time to join in. Tonight is Sauce’s 2nd mobile testing robot hackathon. Come build your own Tapster robot and learn how to use it to test your iOS or Android mobile apps. The hackathon will be held at GitHub/SF [...]

Windows 8.1 and IE 11 Now Available on Sauce Labs
Posted by Ashley Wilson in Selenium Resources

Excited to announce that on Friday, we added support for Windows 8.1 and IE 11 to the Sauce cloud! To get started testing, sign up for a free account or, if you're already a Sauce user, follow the steps below. If you're doing Selenium testing and need to support this, visit our browsers and platforms page and copy and paste the DesiredCapabilities. In Python, it will look like this: [...]

Guest Post: How Uses Sauce Labs to Achieve Success with Continuous Deployment
Posted by Bill McGee in Guest Blog PostsSelenium ResourcesSoftware Development & Testing

This week's guest post comes from the, who use Sauce Labs to run tests as as part of their continuous deployment process. Read on to learn about how they did it: is the leading coupon and deal site on the web. We were recently ranked by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the US, and our US and UK businesses have have seen phenomenal growth every year. [...]

Sauce Labs and Yes, the BrowserMob Proxy
Posted by Adam Goucher in Selenium Resources

As a consultant, I hear all too often, 'Our scripts are slow, how do we speed them up?'  Part of the solution is to use the BrowserMob proxy to Get Rid of the 3rd Party Crap. Another situation where the BrowserMob proxy comes in handy is if you are accessing a site that uses Basic Authentication with WebDriver. But until now, making use of these tricks with Sauce wasn't an easy task. (Well, [...]

The Best (and Worst) Browsers to Test With
Posted by Bill McGee in Selenium ResourcesSoftware Development & Testing

We run a lot of Selenium testing on Sauce. And with those tests, we see a lot of failures. Sometimes failures aren’t due to bad code, but to the actual browser crashing. Thankfully, when this happens while running a test, we have measures built into our system that reboot the browser and rerun your test for you. This happens without you even knowing, and helps to make your testing life easier. [...]

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