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How To Add Visual Testing To Existing Selenium Tests
Posted by Dave Haeffner in Guest Blog PostsSeleniumSelenium Resources

Thanks again to those of you who attended our recent webinar with Applitools on automated visual testing. If you want to share it or if you happened to miss it, you can catch the audio and slides here. We also worked with Selenium expert Dave Haeffner to provide the how-to on the subject. Enjoy his post below. The Problem In previous write-ups I covered what automated visual testing is and how to [...]

Automated Visual Testing In The Cloud: Enhance Your Cross-browser Coverage [RECAP]
Posted by Bill McGee in AutomationContinuous DeliverySelenium ResourcesWebinars

Thanks for joining us for our last webinar, Automated Visual Testing In The Cloud: Enhance Your Cross-browser Coverage, featuring Adam Carmi from Applitools and Chris Broesamle from Sauce Labs. In this webinar, Adam and Chris explained how to avoid visual regressions and front-end bugs by adding scalable automated visual testing to existing Selenium and Appium tests and running them on the [...]

Automated Testing News: Link Round-Up 1-30
Posted by Bill McGee in SeleniumSelenium Resources

Happy Friday! Here’s a quick round-up of some pieces around the web. This week, learn about some on tools for checkout optimization, how to leverage automated UI testing on Sauce with Grunt and Intern, and get more QTP/UFT VS Selenium resources. See below for snippets and links to the full articles. 5 Testing Tools For Checkout Optimisation via PayMill Whether there are smaller errors, or [...]

Posted by Bill McGee in SeleniumSelenium ResourcesWebinars

Thanks for joining us for our last webinar, QTP/UFT VS Selenium, featuring Tarun Lalwani, QTP expert and author of QuickTest Professional Unplugged. In this webinar, Tarun explains how we generated an 80% execution time savings by migrating client’s test suite from QTP to Selenium, along with answering the following questions: How is Selenium different from QTP? Why do I need to [...]

Posted by Bill McGee in Best PracticesSeleniumSelenium ResourcesWebinars

Modern testing practices have shifted dramatically in recent years. As open source tools such as Selenium have begun to be accepted and incorporated into the enterprise testing landscape, proprietary tools like HP’s QTP/UFT have begun to be transitioned out in many cases. While there are many benefits to using a tool like Selenium (for example, it's maximized when used as an automated [...]

Recent Updates to Selenium Builder
Posted by Bill McGee in News & Product UpdatesSelenium Resources

Great news for Enterprise folks and those who are newer to Selenium! Updates were made on Selenium Builder recently. If you don't already know Selenium, it can feel intimidating - but Selenium Builder is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to create an automated Selenium test with just a few clicks. Check out the new updates and features, including: Github dual factor [...]

Announcing Support for Mac OS X Yosemite

We've just released support for Mac OS X Yosemite on the Sauce cloud. Browsers supported include the latest two versions of Firefox and Chrome, Safari 8.0, and iOS 7.0, 7.1, and 8.0. Yosemite sees Apple bringing OS X closer to iOS, with features like Handoff to switch between devices and the ability to initiate Instant Hotspots from your iPhone. As always, we'll continue to add platform support [...]

Register Today: Continuous Testing in the Cloud [WEBINAR]

Are you a best practice guru? If you answered yes, you've probably thought about the promise of Continuous Delivery.  You won't want to miss our next webinar, Continuous Testing in the Cloud! >Sauce Labs' Principal Technology Evangelist, Michael Sage, will walk you through how to create a full Continuous Integration setup entirely in the cloud using GitHub, Selenium, Sauce Labs, and [...]

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