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Posted by Jonathan Lipps in News & Product UpdatesOpen SauceOpen Source

Open source software and open source communities have played a foundational role in Sauce Labs's existence. Without Selenium, Sauce would have been unable to fulfill its vision of a lock-in-free automated testing cloud. Clearly, we owe a lot to the Selenium WebDriver community, not to mention the debt we have to the maintainers of the countless other open source projects we rely on every day as [...]

New Open Sauce UI and Refreshed Build Status Badges
Posted by Yaroslav Borets in Open SauceSauce Product Info

We love open source. As advocates and contributors, we benefit from community participation and return the love via Open Sauce – free access to the Sauce Labs testing platform for open source projects. We’ve recently made some improvements to Open Sauce that enhances the UI and makes sharing results easier. Here’s the rundown: Simplified Badge Sharing Flow. Open Sauce users [...]

More VMs for Open Sauce!
Posted by Ken Drachnik in Open SauceUncategorized

We love open source. As open source advocates and contributors ourselves, we know it’s important to support projects that we benefit from on a regular basis. And what better way to do it than by providing the infrastructure that helps ensure new releases are fully tested? We have long teamed up with Travis-CI to provide a seamless experience across our platforms. However there was a disconnect [...]

Guest Post: Open Sauce Enables Plone to Focus on Robot Framework
Posted by Bill McGee in Guest Blog PostsOpen Sauce

Our friends in the Plone community recently took to Open Sauce for their testing needs to save time. The results have been stellar; with the time saved they're able to focus on improving Robot Framework, according to their release manager Eric Steele. Check out the rest of what they have to say below. When I took over as release manager for the Plone CMS project, we ran our test suite [...]

Open Source Stories: Q&A with Lo-Dash
Posted by Bill McGee in Open Sauce

As you may already know, we LOVE open source. That's why we created Open Sauce; a way to give open source projects the ability to test their projects for free on our cloud. In the span of a year, we now have over 800 OSS projects testing on Sauce! To celebrate, we’re exploring some of the different projects tested on Sauce with a mini series of Q&A's with users who have produced [...]

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