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New Sauce Labs Node.JS Package
Posted by Christian Bromann in JavaScriptOpen SourceSauce Product Info

Sauce Labs is proud to announce a new major upgrade to our Node.JS API wrapper. After many years of amazing maintenance work by people like Dan Jenkins, Daniel Perez Alvarez and others we assumed ownership of the project and will continue to maintain it going forward. The new version (v2) of the API wrapper comes with a lot of new features and support for a variety of API endpoints that [...]

How Does PhantomJS Fit Into Your Cloud Testing Strategy?
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Guest Blog PostsJavaScript

PhantomJS is a lightweight headless test runner which is perfect for command-line-based testing. What is PhantomJS? It allows us to access the browser’s DOM API. After all, PhantomJS is still a browser without the GUI skin. It is suitable for local development, version control pre-commit hooks testing, and as part of your continuous integration pipeline testing. The headless test runner [...]

Quality Assurance and Software Testing: A Brief History
Posted by Chris Tozzi in JavaScriptQuality AssuranceSoftware Development & Testing

Developers have been testing software since they first started building software following World War II. And quality assurance as a whole has a history that stretches back much further than that, of course. But have you ever wondered how we got from the early days of programming – when developers relied on ad hoc methods for finding bugs in their code – to the modern world of Selenium [...]

Guest post: Proving that an application is as broken as intended
Posted by Björn Kimminich in AutomationGuest Blog PostsJavaScript

Typically you want to use end-to-end (e2e) tests to prove that everything works as intended in a realistic environment. In the Juice Shop application that idea is changed to the contrary. Here the main purpose of the e2e test suite is to prove that the application is as broken as intended! Juice Shop: Broken beyond hope - but on purpose! "WTF?" you might ask, and rightfully so. Juice Shop is a [...]

Repost: Angular + Protractor + Sauce Connect, Launched From Gulp, All Behind A Corporate Firewall!
Posted by Bill McGee in Guest Blog PostsJavaScript

This post comes from our friend Stephen Wylie, who is using Sauce Connect to work with his corporate firewall. Check out the original post on his blog. You didn’t think it could be done, did you? Well, let me prove you wrong! First, some terms: AngularJS: An MVC framework for JavaScript, allowing you to write web apps without relying on JQuery. Protractor: A test harness for Angular apps. [...]

Re-Blog: Testing JavaScript on Various Platforms with Karma and Sauce Labs
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptMobile

Thanks to Ben Ripkins for this great blog post on codecentric! See an excerpt below. The web can be a brutal environment with various combinations of browsers and operating systems (platforms). It is quite likely that your continuous integration setup only covers a small portion of your users’ platforms. The unfortunate truth is that testing on these platforms is necessary to accommodate [...]

Announcing Sauce Integration With Siesta
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptNews & Product Updates

Sauce is thrilled to announce that we’ve integrated with Siesta by Bryntum! Siesta is a JavaScript unit testing tool that can help you test any JavaScript code and also perform testing of the DOM and simulate user interactions. The tool can be used together with any type of JavaScript codebase – jQuery, Ext JS, NodeJS, Dojo, YUI etc. Using the API, you can choose from many types of assertions [...]

Recap: Fearless Browser Test Automation [WEBINAR]
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptWebinars

Thanks to those of you who attended our last webinar, Fearless Browser Test Automation, featuring John-David Dalton. This webinar was presented by O'Reilly and Sauce Labs, a provider of the world's largest automation cloud for testing web and native/hybrid mobile applications. We hope you found John-David's perspectives helpful, and that if you're now doing manual testing on a limited [...]

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