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Get Started with Protractor Testing for AngularJS
Posted by Greg Sypolt in AngularJSAutomationGuest Blog PostsProtractor

How do you test your AngularJS applications? With Protractor. Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework for AngularJS applications. This getting started guide is for new software developers in test who are interested in learning about Protractor testing. By following this getting started guide, you’ll understand how to build a firm foundation and learn fundamental Protractor testing for [...]

AngularJS Data Models: $http VS $resource VS Restangular
Posted by Bill McGee in AngularJSJavaScript

Sauce Labs software developer Alan Christopher Thomas and his team have been hard at work updating our stack. He shared with us some insight into their dev process, so we thought we'd show off what he's done. Read his post below. Over the past few months, the Sauce Labs web team has fixed its crosshairs on several bits of our stack that needed to be refreshed. One of those [...]

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