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You Can’t Have AIOps Without Automated Testing
Posted by Cordny Nederkoorn in AISoftware Development & Testing

AIOps, an IT operations strategy that leverages machine learning and data analytics to automate decision-making, is a hot topic. It’s so hot, in fact, that the AIOps market is projected to grow at a rate of more than 25 percent per year for the next several years. Like all trendy new technologies, however, AIOps requires a careful approach in order to be implemented successfully. Part of [...]

Using AI/ML and Production Data to Improve Software Testing
Posted by Greg Sypolt in AISoftware Development & Testing

You may not think that artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) have much to do with software testing. So far, software tests have not been a major part of the AI and ML conversation. But I’m here to suggest that they should be. In this post, I offer some tips on how you can use AI or ML in conjunction with production data to drive a smarter type of regression testing to [...]

Looking Back at Our Look Ahead: Revisiting 2018 Software Testing Predictions

A year ago, at the outset of 2018, we (specifically, Vince Power, an experienced IT professional who also happens to be a very nice guy) took a look on the Sauce Labs blog at some of the trends that might define the world of software testing in the new year. As all good software testers know, testing involves not just vetting something before you release it into the world, but also revisiting [...]

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